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Auto Maintenance in Andover, Minnesota

Making sure you continually maintain your car now will help prevent expensive repairs in your car's later years. Whatever your car's age is though, it needs regular inspection and care so it will last as long as possible on the road.
What are some things that we can inspect and tweak for you? Here’s a quick list to give you a better idea:
  • Window repair and replacement
  • Charging systems
  • Engines and high-performance building and installation
  • Suspension: shocks, struts and springs
So when should you get these kinds of inspections? A good rule of thumb is to stop by if you can’t even remember the last time your car was inspected. You could also look at past inspection bills or documents to learn what parts of your vehicle have been inspected. This is especially true if you recently bought a used or older car.
Getting the maintenance you need will prevent huge issues that will take more time and money to repair in the future. Currently, you might be missing out on optimal fuel mileage and you might be unintentionally wearing your car down.
With that in mind, how often should you get your car inspected? The number depends on what you need to inspect. For example, most sources would say you need to change your oil every 5,000 miles, but many cars can wait up to every 10,000 miles for oil and filter changes.
Other matters should be taken care of right away, such as a damaged windshield or bad brakes. These items can make it difficult — and scary — to drive your car anywhere. The sooner these issues are fixed, the better.
If you’re curious about your car’s current condition, contact Andover Auto Care for all your auto maintenance needs in Andover.