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Specialized Brake Repair Services in Andover, Minnesota

We provide many different brake services for you:
  • Brake pad replacement and installation
  • Bleed, fill and adjust brakes
  • Rotor replacement and installation
  • Rotor and drum resurfacing
  • Caliper reconditioning and replacement
  • Wheel cylinder replacement
  • New master cylinders
  • Brake line repair and replacement
  • New brake hoses
  • ABS diagnosis and repair
  • Power boosters
  • Parking brake service and repair

Brake Pads

The most common types of brake repairs are brake pad replacements. A disc brake system involves the use of calipers that grip the brake rotors in order to stop the vehicle. Pads provide a cushion for the process, which reduces wear and tear on the rotors. If you notice changes in the amount of pressure required to slow down or stop, your pads are likely worn out. A slight vibration may also be noticeable. You may also hear squeaking or a squealing noise when you apply the brakes. All of these are signs that your brake pads need replacing, so you should make an appointment right away to have them checked and replaced if necessary.


If you don't maintain your brake pads, you will wear out your rotors more quickly. Worn rotors can significantly affect your ability to slow down or stop when you need to. It may feel as if you are pumping your brakes when trying to slow down, due to air in your brake system as a result of worn rotors. In addition, worn rotors can affect your ability to maintain control of your vehicle. The rotors become warped because they don't wear evenly when the pads are worn, and this affects your entire suspension system.
Your steering wheel may vibrate so vigorously that you can lose your grip on the wheel, or your steering can be affected by the vibrations. Braking when you are driving fast can also be affected by shaking and shuddering of the suspension, which could put you at risk of having an accident. Replacing rotors is one of the more expensive types of brake repairs, and maintaining your brake pads will help prevent premature wear on rotors.